3 Months Post-Op

April 07, 2014 @ 266 lbs
  – Attended my first doctor appt.
June 24, 2014 @ 264 lbs – Started the 2 week pre-op surgeon supervised diet.
July 08, 2014 @ 251 lbs – Surgery Day!

Today 10/09/14 @ 202 lbs
=    64 lbs lost

It has been 3 months since my surgery this past July. I had my check up at the surgeons office on Tuesday and it went perfectly. The doctor was ecstatic that I had lost 60 lbs in 3 months. I pushed him to make a guess on how much he thought I would lose over all and with great reluctancy and a crooked smile he finally gave in and gave me his guess… but only after he played with his calculator a bit, I assume he isn’t the type to just wing it but need some scientific method to assist him. He projected I should hit a 100 lb weight loss 🙂 I hope he is right!

I met with the dietitian and we discussed what I should expect over the next 3 months. Her first question was “are you still losing weight” which I am. She said slowed or stopped weight loss is almost guaranteed because my body will go into starvation mode. She said if or when it happens I should increase my calorie intake by 100-150 calories above what I am doing now. That should put my body back into weight loss mode again. Weird right? Eat more the dietitian says!

Eating is still a chore more then anything else. I can and do enjoy the food I eat and appreciate the taste but I don’t really need food very often. The hunger feeling doesn’t present itself often and when it does it’s not strong. My daily goals are 800 calories / 80g protein / 8 glasses of water. I am pretty good about hitting my targets. The hardest one is the water because I can only take a couple sips or a gulp of water at a time and then I need to stop for a minute or two until it “goes through”. Imagine how many gulps or sips of water are in 64oz. Yikes! Calories are easy and really go hand in hand with the protein.. If I focus on eating the 80g of protein, the calories almost fall into place by themselves. If I use up any of my 800 calories on non-protein foods then most likely I wont hit my protein target for the day without going over on calories. It’s a learning game the entire time and I am constantly tweaking things to make them just right for me.

My BMI will never be “normal” because I am just to short. I would need to weigh about 120 lbs to be normal on that stupid chart. I started this journey with a BMI of exactly 50! I am currently at 40! I have gone down 10 points 🙂 If I reach 155 pounds, I will still be in the “overweight category” with a BMI of 30 but I am totally ok with that 🙂

The doctor asked me if I had a goal weight or target in mind. I don’t. He said he believes I will be very successful… I told him I am already successful. I am honestly happy where I am right now. I am still charted as “extremely obese” but I feel so much better and I can already do things I couldn’t before.

Milestones I have already reached:

  1. I can put my socks on without sitting down
  2. I can use the regular patient blood pressure cuff at the DR office instead of the fat person cuff.
  3. I can walk as far as I want to without calf pain
  4. I can sit indian style
  5. I can fit into a roller coaster seat
  6. I can itch my own back in places I couldn’t reach before!

Some of those milestones won’t make any sense to someone that isn’t overweight. It’s probably things they never thought of not being able to do, but to me… it’s pretty awesome to do those basic things again.


5 thoughts on “3 Months Post-Op

  1. First off, CONGRATS! You should be so proud of yourself. Those non scale victories are awesome, and I know what you mean totally. It is funny, but if you have never been overweight, those things don’t even occur to you nor would you ever even realize that those kinds of things could cause stress, anxiety, and mental anguish–like when I’m afraid I don’t fit into something like a ride or between two chairs when walking between tables, or getting in a packed elevator etc. People who never had body issues, never even think of those things and therefore, unfortunately, are often not empathetic to those issues.

    Second, I think you have a small typo? I know you include all your weight, but it makes it seem like you lost all 60 in 3 months—but you lost some before and stuff right? Not to knock your loss–bc OMG it is AWESOME and you’re still ahead of me girl!!! but, I know when I first was getting this done I looked to blogs like the gospel, and some newbies or others struggling who aren’t losing well might get the wrong idea or feel really disheartened if they think that all 60 was July to October–when it was April to October right? Or am I remembering wrong? Basically, I know how that would have affected me when I first had it done, reading it, and knowing I wasn’t losing at that rate, and I know your blog is awesome and im POSITIVE it is helping newbies and an inspiration to others considering VSG so I wanted to point it out.

    Third, I miss seeing you on here! And Michele and I are still looking for you on Instagram. If you want, I can set it up for you. If you want to text me your password, I’ll log in, set it up with all the VSG people, so you can see what we are raving about, and you can then log in and change your password. It is great, people post pics and info of what is working, not working, progress, motivational stuff, stresses, pics of what they are eating—which has given me lots of great ideas. I just tried the lettuce wraps and OMG I love them!!!!! Miss ya!


    • I’ll clear up the numbers a bit cause I don’t want anyone confused, but it’s only by 2 weeks. I started the process with my first informational seminar in April. Then 2 Weeks pre-op I started the surgeon required diet and I lost 15 lbs on that. Then I went to surgery and lost the rest.

      I will work on instagram today and see if I can figure it out. I tried on my computer awhile back but it didn’t operate the same as the app on my phone and I haven’t had a damn phone in what seems like forever! I finally got a new phone last night and I am setting up everything right now. If I can’t figure it out then you can do it 🙂

      The last couple of days I have been around a bit more … I did make a post 🙂 but I am slowly getting back into it. I honestly think losing my phone affected my entire life and made me depressed..lol. Isn’t that terrible?


      • I can totally believe that! We are so connected to our phones now it is crazy. I’m glad you got it back. I got out of it a bit too, I think I needed more to vent and stuff in the beginning but as I go through I different phases I think having this outlet will be useful.

        Also 15 pounds is nothing to sneeze at. And then 45 versus 60 since surgery is a big difference for newbies or those comparing and stuff. It’s an awesome total but I know when I first was reading blogs I was always comparing myself and looking to those ahead of me. 🙂

        So glad you’re back!!!!


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