( Escali Brand )Terrible Scale… don’t waste your $$

Escali BFBW200 Digital Body Fat and Water Scale. Beautiful to look at but doesn’t read your weight correctly.


It’s really weird actually how this scale has been acting. I am the only person that weighs myself on this scale. Often my result will show the exact number to the 1/10th of a pound that I weighed the previous day. We all know that it’s hard to not fluctuate at least a 1/10th pound from day to day. After noticing this happening more frequently, I decided to weigh something else besides my own body. First I tried to weigh a roll of toilet paper but apparently it wasn’t heavy enough to even register a reading, which is ridiculous since the scale is suppose weigh 1/10th pounds. So I weighed the whole package and got a reading of 2-3ish lbs. After that I weighed myself again and got a different result then my previous weigh in just before weighing the toilet paper. So now, I am weighing myself twice… once in the beginning and once after weighing a random object in my bathroom. The second result is always different then the first and always better! Needless to say I pulled my “old” scale out of the garage sale box and now I’m using that again.


3 thoughts on “( Escali Brand )Terrible Scale… don’t waste your $$

  1. I tried the Fitbit Flex, but hated the feel. I liked the One better, but mine went through the washer. So now I just wing it and I have an app on my samsung phone.


  2. I have a Fitbit Aria. It cost over $150 when I bought it. It was very cool, but now it is so inaccurate. I can get on it and off and get different measurements each time and often there is a ten pound fluctuation and all I am doing is stepping on and off. I just go to the doc and get weighed there. But more than that, I take measurements so that I know what’s going on with my body. I don’t want to get in a tailspin and have it be over a five pound increase in urine or bowel matter. And that does happen.


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