Post-Op 6 Month Reality Check…..

Today marks my 6 months since surgery. It doesn’t feel that long.. naturally, time seems to fly by the older you get. So here are the stats:

Heaviest Weight: 266 lb
Surgery Weight: 251 lb
Current Weight: 193 lb

So I am down a total of 73 lbs (15 of those lost on pre-surgery diet) leaves 58 lbs since surgery.

Mixed emotions about these numbers. 73 pounds is awesome and I feel great but during the last 3 months I have only lost 11 lbs. The slowness is 100% my fault and even though I am happy with my current weight, I feel like I failed because I didn’t try harder to lose more. They say you lose the most during your first 6 months, did I just screw myself on further weight loss? During the last few months I have gone through… Halloween, Thanksgiving, A New York Weekend, A Caribbean Cruise, multiple Christmas parities, and New Year’s Eve. I used the holidays as an excuse to eat the things I shouldn’t.

I have been fortunate that nausea and vomiting are not part of my life since surgery. I know many that get sick after eating certain foods, eating too much, too fast … etc. I have been able to control all those things and prevent the sickness. The downside of that is, I can eat anything I want! I managed to lose and gain the same 3-5 pounds over and over recently. I was really concerned about the NYC and Cruise vacations because of all the food and just being away from home. It turns out that I can eat awful on vacation and come home the same weight because of all the extra activities I am able to do. That’s great but it would have been awesome to come home weighing less because of all those activities. The hardest part was the Christmas parties and I gained about 4-5 lbs over the two weeks my kids were off school. The good news is that, as soon as I started eating better those 5 lbs fell off almost instantly.

So other then the food side of my journey I am now going through the phase of my hair falling out! It’s such a sad sad thing to see. I am doing everything I can think of to stop it but so far I have not been successful.

Things that make me happy: 
* I climbed to the top of the Statue of Liberty with my kids and husband while in NYC. I couldn’t have done this before the surgery.
* I can buy jeans in the Jr. department at the store. 14/15 jr jeans are a lot cheaper then Womens size 12/14 jeans!
* My daughter told me I am skinny because she can wrap her arms around me now when we hug.
* I am no longer being a hermit. My husband and I have gone out and had fun the last 2 weekends doing adult things with adult people and adult conversations. Trying to live a little more.
* As much as I seem to not like girls due to their cattiness, drama, and self centeredness.. I would like to actually have some friends to hangout with. The problem is finding ones I can actually deal with. Guys are so much easier to get along with.

Things that suck:
* Hair falling out
* Never ending constipation (just keeping it real lol)
* $$ The high cost of eating healthy

New Goals for the next 6 months:
* Lose 20 more pounds
* Figure out a way to remove these damn wrinkles on my face!
* Make a friend … that isn’t a bitch
* Go out on more dates with my hubby 🙂

Photo on 1-8-15 at 7.10 AM #3


2 thoughts on “Post-Op 6 Month Reality Check…..

  1. I am SO proud of you. I totally missed my 6 month surgiversary! Girl you should have reminded me LOL. I miss talking to you, let’s text/email and catch up!!!!! PS YOU LOOK FABBB and I am SOOO jealous you’ve hit onederland!!!!!! I’m 9 pounds away and it is DRIVING ME CRAZYYYYY


    • I miss you too 🙂 are you still posting mostly on instagram? I play around there once in awhile but never ready got caught up in it. You’re doing awesome on your weight loss… I remember you being so frustrated in the 230’s and now look at ya Ms209! I saw Michelle is visiting soon… I wish I could come back..

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