Did I Give Up…..

Heaviest Weight: 266 lb
Surgery Weight: 251 lb
Current Weight: 193 lb

What the hell have I been doing the last couple of months? Apparently nothing! I haven’t lost anymore weight because I haven’t been actively trying. How do I get that motivation back again? I feel great and like the way my clothes fit but am I really happy at 193 lbs? No, I’m not. I can do better and should do better…. but how? How do I find the motivation to get back on track again? I need help.

Photo on 1-27-15 at 8.39 AM #2 2


2 thoughts on “Did I Give Up…..

  1. The weight battle is won at the table, not the gym. I’d evaluate calories, start tracking everything if you have stopped and don’t be hard on yourself. If you are doing the right things, the weight has no choice but to fall off!! Good Luck!!!

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  2. Don’t give up Girl!! Are you still watching your calories and getting in your protein? How about exercise? I made it my goal for the year to exercise every day. Sometimes it’s an hour at the gym or a 50 minute group exercise class, but lots of times it’s just 10 minutes of quick cardio or push-ups and sit-ups at home – whatever I can fit in. I feel great right now, but I don’t want to be done! We should get together!! I know our schedules are both busy, but let’s make it work!!

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