About Me!

About Me

Age: 37
 Height: 5’ 0” (I’m a shorty)
 Location: Michigan
 Married: Yes, 16 years
 Kids: 2 Girls - 10 & 14
 Pets: Dog and 2 Guinea Pigs
Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery: July 8, 2014
 Starting Weight: 266 lbs


I have always been thick. You know the little girl who people pick up and say “wow she’s solid”.. that was me. I was not a fat child and never once worried about my weight until high school. My mom has always called me fat ass, as a nickname and it’s been funny and I don’t mind at all. I suppose you need to know our family dynamic because that probably sounds really bad to a lot of people but it totally isn’t meant to be that way with us. I am very close with my mom and sister.

I was a size 7 with a flat stomach at the beginning of 9th grade (14 yr old). I was a regular skater (roller skating) and that kept me in shape. During high school all went to hell when I met my first serious boyfriend, started “hanging out” more, got my license and then my skating slowly dwindled to nothing over the year. I slowly began to put the pounds on but didn’t realize I was in trouble until I was about 18. I met my husband when I was 17 and then suddenly I grew up into an adult! Seriously, I advanced in my restaurant job from fry cooking to store manager within a year and all of a sudden I was required to be responsible and in charge of other people. My childhood stopped completely, I have never gone to a bar with friends and picked up a guy… hell I’ve never even been on a real date lol. At 18 I was running a restaurant, bought a brand new car and a house. The pounds continued to add-on during the start of my adulthood and the never-ending cycle of dieting began. I think I have tried every diet out there. Some of them were really good but sticking with them has always been my weakness.

I lost 45 pounds with Weight Watchers around the age of 24. Going from 220 lb to 175 lbs and I was feeling awesome! It took about a year to lose that weight but I was just so happy and active during that time. I got pregnant with my second child when I was 26 and used it as my excuse to eat whatever I wanted. When a family member showed concern for how I was eating, I actually said the words “don’t worry about what I’m eating I know how good it feels to be 175, I will not be fat again” Well I f’ed that up. I gained 70 pounds during pregnancy and never lost it. Over the following 6 years I added a few more pounds bringing me to my highest weight of 271 pounds at the age of 32. Remember I am only 5’ tall – OMG I was a round girl!

I looked into gastric bypass surgery about 12 years ago. It was harder to get approved back then so when I got my first rejection letter from my insurance company I didn’t pursue it anymore. Being denied at that time was a blessing in disguise. I wasn’t ready for the type of life change that it would have caused. The Vertical Sleeve wasn’t an option at that time so I would have had to deal with the dumping syndrome and vitamin deficiency caused by the Roux en Y procedure. My mom and aunt, both had that surgery and I was afraid of it. I see what they go through everyday and that wasn’t how I wanted to live my life. The Sleeve was the perfect middle ground for me. It makes me wonder what will be available in another 12 years.

Present day… 8/25/14
I had the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy 48 days ago. I am now 47 pounds lighter thanks to my surgeon Dr. Kemmeter. I see myself as a stay at home mom although I am a licensed daycare provider and care for a few kids in my home daily. I love little kids and since my youngest is 10 years old, watching other peoples little ones takes any desire to have more kids myself, totally away! I am married to the boy I met when I was 16 years old … he just turned 40 so now I am married to an old man..lol. I was born and raised in Michigan and have one sister that likes to pretend she is younger than me but she’s actually 6 years older. Never really liked her much growing up … you know that sibling love hate relationship that we all have. Now she is my best friend and I can’t imagine not having her around. She’s nicer now.. doesn’t steal my cassette tapes and stuff like that.
I grew up in the suburbs but now I live in the country. Never thought I would live in the country but now that I have, I don’t think I will ever go back. I like looking out my window and seeing something other than my neighbors bedroom furniture, at night it’s really dark and all I can hear are crickets and other little earth creatures making noise and I get to see some of the prettiest sunrises and sunsets daily. I’m still very much a city girl at heart…bugs freak me out, I don’t like manual yard work labor that will get me dirty or sweaty, I have no desire to grow my own food and hate the days when the farmers spread the cow crap and make the entire town smell like shit. I do love my pedicures, the cleaning lady, the Orkin man (afraid of bugs), my big pretty car, and all things nice in general. Don’t get the wrong idea though… I’m not a stuck up bitch – I still clip coupons every week, shop at Walmart or wherever the sales are, get my hair cut at the $10 shop, buy second-hand whenever possible because there’s no greater feeling then finding a $100 purse at Goodwill for $6! Just saying.. It’s worth the hunt, and my husband and I have cared for his disabled aunt in our home for the last 2 years. I think I’m pretty well-rounded 🙂

Me in less words… Shopping, Chocolate, Robert Pattinson, Decorating, Cruising, Sleeping, Red & Orange, Furry Animals, Smartphone! 

Interesting Facts… 
* I am a licensed Daycare provider.
* I am a licensed Realtor.
* I am a Registered Medical Assistant.

* I still don’t feel like an adult and wonder when I will grow up and figure out what I want to be when I’m older.
* My favorite job was operating a chain of 6 restaurants. I loved the chaos and content planning.
* I had a goldfish that lived 7 years!

* My dad taught me to drive when I was 12 years old.
* I will and have jumped out of a moving car because of a bee.
* I can’t wear fake nails because I feel trapped without control which sets off my anxiety. Tried it once and chewed them like a beaver until they were gone.
* I have read at least 600 books in the last 3 years.
* I can design and draw a complete house blueprint as well as interior decor but I can’t figure out landscaping and curtains! 
* I have a desire to jet ski in as many interesting places as possible. So far I have been under the Mackinac Bridge in Lake Huron, Along the coast of Haiti in the Atlantic Ocean, and off the coast of Saint Martin British Virgin Islands.
* My hair is naturally curly and I have never straightened it.
* I’m taller then my mom and sister and I’m only 5’ tall.
* I want to dive in a shark cage!
* I will not buy anything from a website or online if I find misspelled words anywhere on the site. 

* I have never lived with anyone besides my mom and now my husband.

LOL… I can’t possibly think of anything else to tell you! Feel free to ask questions if you can think of something 🙂


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