Material Wants

4013f16bb780ecbaaa98c1bdbf27652aThe color is calming yet demands attention. 726a4aea443e9567a0060c716fd6f7e2I think the orange accessories do it all for this outfit. I hope one day I can casually wear a scarf.d24ce2630a041284c9d87c75d927d545Casual yet so cute. Vertical strips would be new for me and I could do without the feather earrings.e2a6ee557bbedfce5846104a68d067c8I love the skirt design. Each accessory enhances a different color stripe. 6eef760829846a2e77e9824eae0461a3I like the flowing skirt and the accessories as separate pieces but not so much together. I don’t see how the sandals work with this.

a2f493375009e88ef1f7bdc6906a682cTotally reminds of something Kristin Stewart would wear, aside from the shoes and purse. Grunge cute


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