Bucket List



  • Visit San Francisco
  • Walk across a rope bridge
  • Smoke a Cuban cigar
  • Go whale watching
  • See a Bull riding show
  • Visit the actual Titanic
  • Visit New York
  • Explore a water cave
  • See Alaskan Glaciers
  • Swim in a hot spring
  • Learn to eat with Chopsticks
  • Take a month long cruise
  • Get a breast reduction
  • Visit the Colosseum in Rome
  • Get a nose job
  • Go On A Wine Tasting Tour
  • Zipline through the Jungle
  • Get a massage
  • Visit the inside of my childhood home
  • Visit Grand Canyon
  • Be a Vegetarian for a month 
  • See active volcano by helicopter
  • Meet Robert Pattinson
  • Learn to downhill ski
  • Walk a famous bridge
  • Parasail
  • Tour Alcatraz
  • Climb The Statue of Liberty
  • See Mount Rushmore
  • See wild elephants / tigers / giraffes
  • Airboat swamp tour
  • Retire on a lake
  • Attend Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada
  • Ride in a Gondola in Venice

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